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Current Litters

Roma & Quigley Multigen Goldendoodles 

DOB: 12-16-22

Size: Miniature

Colors: Cream and Apricot

Selection & Take-home Day: February 11th

~ This Litter is Reserved ~

Ellie & Merlin F1B Bernedoodles 

DOB: 1-7-23

Size: Standard

Colors: Tri, Parti and Merle

Selection & Take-home Day: March 4th

~ Puppies Available! ~

Zeta & Tom Multigen Goldendoodles

DOB: 1-28-23

Size: Medium

Colors: Black & White Parti and Apricot & White Parti

Selection & Take-home Day: March 25th

~ Puppies Available! ~

Belle & Beau AKC English Cream Golden Retrievers 

DOB: 11-3-22

Size: Standard

Colors: Cream

Beautiful puppies from our friends at Barney's Goldens 

~ Puppies Available! ~

BFF Goldendoodles 

Standard Puppies Available

This is my nephew in Fresno, CA

~ Puppies Available !~

Rainbows End Puppies

One of California's Foremost Goldendoodle Breeders - Now In Idaho as Well!

Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles & Golden Mountain Doodles

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