Mia & Snoopy Golden Mountain Doodle Litter

*** One Puppy is Available! ***  

I do Not know which puppy it will be as we do selection on Take Home Day.


The arrival of our first Golden Mountain Doodle Litter was everything we hoped it would be...and more!

(See bottom of page for more info on Snoopy & Golden Mountain Doodles. )

Mia delivered 12 beautiful, healthy puppies on June 9th.

There are 6 Males and 6 Females.

These puppies should mature to be 65-75 lbs

Selection & Take Home will be on August 7th


7/15/2021 Five Weeks Old:

Designer Therapy Pups Snoopy

F1 Bernedoodle

Color: BbEe 

26" Tall, 75 lbs

Hips OFA Excellent

Elbows OFA Normal

Cardiac Normal

Embark DNA Tested - Clear on All

Thank you, RanDee, for letting us use your wonderful boy!

A Golden Mountain Doodle is the hybrid cross of a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever & Poodle) with a Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle). They exude all of the best of the parent breeds: loyal, loving, friendly, intelligent and silly! Guaranteed to melt your heart!

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