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Available Adults 

Believe me it's not easy letting go of dogs that we have raised and loved.  As we get older and closer to retiring, we need to downsize and let some of our beloved friends go to new families that will love them as much as we do. If you have it in your heart to love an adult, please contact me and we can talk. We will be adding more dogs throughout the summer.

F1 Bernedoodle

DOB: 12-30-20
Color: BBEE Blue Merle
26" tall, 66 lbs
Hips  PennHIP

Hips OFA Good
Elbows Normal
Cardiac Normal
Eyes OFA Normal

DNA Health Tested through Embark

Clear on all Diseases

Molly is a really great gal! She adores everyone, rides great in the car and is easy on the leash. 

Molly is available as a pet or breeder.

Standard Poodle

DOB: 1-14-22
Color: Red
24" tall, 55 lbs

Hips OFA Fair
Elbows Normal
Cardiac Normal

DNA Health Tested through Canine Health Check

Clear on all Diseases

Ava is always up for snuggle time...she will just melt right into you. She loves people with all of her heart. 

Ava is available as a pet or breeder.

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