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Guardian Opportunities ~ Idaho

Here at Rainbows End Puppies, 
we strive to provide an environment full of love, attention, and affection 
for each and every one of our breeding dogs.  In order to do that we have partnered 
with some very special families…they are our “Guardians”.

Rainbows End Puppies will provide an approved guardian family with one of our
breeding puppies/dogs in exchange the guardian family will provide this puppy/dog
with a safe, loving home.  We require that a nutritious diet, regular training, 
and all customary vet appointments be provided, and most importantly, that the 
dog become a valued and much loved member of your family. 
Any vet appointments and tests regarding or related to breeding will be the 
responsibility of Rainbows End Puppies. 
A guardian must be willing to work with us and keep the dog available for possible 
breeding “dates,” testing, and whelping. We also like occasional visits so the dog will 
be comfortable at our home during breeding and whelping.


If you live within 1 hour of 

 Canyon County, Idaho and are interested 
in becoming a guardian for one of our wonderful puppies or adult dogs, please contact me.


Carol McDonald

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