Every Litter is Raised Inside of our Home or that of a Family Member

with Lots of Love, Care and Attention   :-)

***Please Note, Puppy Selection is Done on Take Home Day in the Order That We Receive Your Deposit***

We want the Puppies to be as Mature as possible, both Physically & Emotionally in order to get the Best Fit for Your Family!

(We take less Deposits on a litter than we expect to be born, then start a wait list for however many more puppies we are blessed with!)

Zooey & Bronson Multigen Goldendoodles - Due August 16th

Size: Miniature, 25-35 lbs

Colors: Black Phantom and Black

Take Home: October 17th or 24th

Reservations are Full.  Wait List Started.

Zooey & Bronson's Last Litter:

Ida & Kevin Multigen Goldendoodles - Due August 28th

Size: Mini 30-35 lbs

Colors: Apricot, Gold, Red with a parti or two

Take Home: October 24th or 31st

Reservations are Full.  Wait List Started.

Buffy & Kevin Multigen Goldendoodles - Due September 28th

This litter though technically a multigen, will be like an F1 litter.

Size: Medium 40-45/50 lbs

Colors: Gold and Red 

Take Home: November 21st  or 28th

Reservations are Full.  Wait List Started.

 Planned Litters

These dogs have not been bred yet.

We expect the girls to cycle in the month listed. These are my best guesstimates as sometimes the girls don't cycle when we think they will. 

Sires may change and breedings might not take place, or other litters added.

Selection & Take Home is approximately 4 months from breeding.


Zsa Zsa & Gino Multigen Goldendoodles (Plan B is Quigley as sire) Yes..we are still waiting for Zsa Zsa to cycle!!!

Size: Miniature, 30-35 lb range 

Colors: Apricot and Gold

Ilsa & Bronson Multigen Goldendoodles

Size: Miniature, 30-35 lb range

Colors: Half Chocolate, Half Apricot/Gold with a couple of parti puppies

Halle & Kevin Multigen Goldendoodles (We are also considering Reno & Quade for large standards)

Size: Standard, 45-55 lb range Kevin, (60-75 lbs Reno or Quade)

Colors: Apricot, Black, Black & White Parti, Apricot & White Parti