Every Litter is Raised Inside of our Home or that of our Experienced Team  

with Lots of Love, Care and Attention   :-)

*** Please Note, Puppy Selection is Done on Take Home Day in the Order That We Receive Your Reservation Fee ***

We want the Puppies to be as Mature as possible, both Physically & Emotionally in order to get the Best Fit for Your Family!

(We take Less Deposits on a litter than we expect to be born, then a wait list is started.)

I do Not keep a waitlist for Future litters. I post when I have an upcoming litter and accept reservations at that time.

-Dual Sired Litter-

Goldie & Tom Multigen Goldendoodles + Goldie & Murray Golden Mountain Doodles

Due Date: July 2nd

Size: Goldie & Tom, Medium 45 lb range

         Goldie & Murray, Standard 55-70 lb range

Take Home: August 27th or September 3rd

Colors Expected: Goldie & Tom - Chocolate and Cream/Apricot with half of those being parti

                            Goldie & Murray - Chocolate and Black with half of those being Merle

***  Accepting Reservations  ***

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