Every Litter is Raised Inside of our Home or that of our Experienced Puppy Raisers 

with Lots of Love, Care and Attention   :-)

*** Please Note, Puppy Selection is Done on Take Home Day in the Order That We Receive Your Reservation Fee ***

We want the Puppies to be as Mature as possible, both Physically & Emotionally in order to get the Best Fit for Your Family!

(We take Less Deposits on a litter than we expect to be born, then a wait list is started.)

Grace & Quade F1B Goldendoodles - Puppies arrived on 2-21-21!

Size: Standard 60-70 lb range

Colors & Patterns: 1 Apricot Parti, 1 Black, & 2 Black Parti

Born on February 21st

Take Home: April 17th

~ Reservations Full ~

These are pictures of puppies from Grace & Quade's previous litter:

Pfeiffer & Neo F1 Goldendoodles

Size: Medium/Standard 45-60 lb range

Colors Expected: Cream & Apricot

Due Date: March 5th

Take Home: Probably May 17th

~ Reservations Full - Waitlist Starting ~

These are pictures of puppies from Pfeiffer & Neo's previous litter:

Nicki & Quigley Multigen Goldendoodles

Size: Mini/Medium, 30-40 lb range

Colors Expected: Apricot and Gold

Due Date:  March 31st

Take Home: Probably May 22nd, if puppies arrive early May 15th

~ Reservations Full - Waitlist Starting ~

Della & Oliver Double Doodles

Size: Medium, 38 lb range

Colors: 3/4 of the litter should be Chocolate and 1/4 Should be Cream/Apricot/Gold

Due Date: April 2nd

Take Home: Probably May 29th or 30th

~ Taking 2 more Reservations then starting a Waitlist ~

Huge Thanks to Gail's Doodle's for letting us use this wonderful boy!

Dixi & Gino Multigen Goldendoodles

Size: Medium, 35-40 lb range

Colors Expected: Cream, Apricot and Gold

Due Date: April 7th

Take Home: Probably May 29th or 30th

~ Reservations Full - Waitlist Starting ~

Jessi and Reno Multigen Goldendoodles

Size: Standard, 60-65/70 lbs 

Colors Expected: Chocolate, Cream/Apricot/Gold, Parti, Phantom and/or Sable

Due Date: April 16th

Take Home: Probably June 12th

~ Reservations Open ~

 Planned Litters

These dogs have not been bred yet.

We expect the girls to cycle in the month listed. These are my best guesstimates as sometimes the girls don't cycle when we think they will. 

Sires may change and breedings might not take place, or other litters added.

Selection & Take Home is approximately 4 months from breeding.